Thanks for another interesting newsletter. I was catching up with your podcast recently, and loved the interview with Owen Eastwood. Before the interview you had a discussion about purpose in the work environment, and was interested that it seemed to me that the sole focus of the presenters was around working in the private sector, and didn't recognise the experience of the significant proportion of the workforce who work in public service or in the third sector. in my career I've worked in education and in a couple of public agencies, and I've always been lucky to work in environments that have been driven by a shared social purpose, whether that it securing fair access to education for all, "supporting communities and individuals most in need" (Big Lottery Fund) and ensuring that the public have confidence in charities. I've often heard commentary on how the public sector can learn from the private sector, but I'd love to hear your views on whether this is an issue where the private sector can learn from others. Finally, I'm currently a civil servant, and I'm one of half a million UK civil servants who are currently completing our annual staff survey, the results of which are due at the end of 2023. . Previous results can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/civil-service-people-surveys - I'd love to hear your views on the results of this undertaking when it's complete. Thanks again.

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As long as the person didn’t have to speak at the meeting and told me before hand they would send a bot, I think it’s great.

Does anyone have a link how to do it with google


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What happens next year when the meeting has evolved and is run by bots for bots? 🤖 Will the bot running the meeting be put out that ONLY bots attend and everyone is doing more productive stuff? Is the issue that ‘informal exchanges’ are a thing of the past and really the modern office is redundant?

I’m not convinced that knowledge workers are clear on the role they play going forward in the new landscape?

If you are in a manufacturing environment it’s functional and process led, if you are sending a 🤖 to keep up with the news, then less so.

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