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A long time ago in a company far far away I left my first job to go to another company. The new job looked exciting and was paying me 40% more than my previous job. At my leaving interview HR asked me to highlight the pay gap as one of the reasons for leaving.

A few weeks later one of my former colleagues messaged me that at an open forum our MD had been challenged on the number of people leaving the company. His response was that he wouldn't stop anyone leaving who was only interested in money.

As well as the hypocrisy of the statement it's also a good example of how people at the top can be poor leaders.

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"If you’ve laughed a lot in a conversation you’ll end up feeling that you have something in common but not that you’ve had a deep discussion."

Isn't this every guys' group ever? It's all about making a joke, not connecting on a deeper level.

Not complaining, since I do that as well. But very interesting... And probably another reason for the pile of "why men don't have real friends"

Thanks for sharing!

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I run a pub and would love to give staff the ability to swap shifts and have their roster 4 weeks in advance. But then we have shifts where the balance of male/female is off and having the roster so far in advance allows more time for more changes, which creates more work and increases the chances of a miscommunication

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