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I definitely think there needs to be a happy medium, but I’m so confused why so many companies try to get that 50% in-person work in every week (two to three days each week in the office.) To me that completely cuts off the remote work benefit because now I can’t go work from Paris or Hawaii or my sister’s house for a week or two without taking time off.

Not to mention, it causes so much whiplash in the week. Most companies don’t have any plan for what we are supposed to be doing on our office days. We’re just there instead of home a couple days each week. My last job had two office days every week and everyone just socialized all day which made my other three days much more work intensive to get everything done.

I’d much rather have a full week together every month, or a month together every quarter, where we have an agenda for what we need to accomplish and we can make a lot of progress together, and then we are all free to go work how we choose for the next several weeks as we get everything done.

If we’re trying to get 50% of our work done in-person, then it should be 50% of the year, or the quarter, not of the week. That does nothing but create an irregular schedule for everyone with very limited flexibility. I don’t see the benefit to either the company or the employee when there is just an arbitrary number of office days every week and no plan for what work needs to be done in person.

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