Better work means a better life

Substack Featured Publication 2023

Make Work Better is on a mission to help us enjoy work again.

Whether we like it or not, our jobs create the weather in our lives.

Our work can bring storm clouds of stress… or the glow of summer.

Our occupations occupy a strange place in our consciousness, despite spending so much of our life performing them, we’re sometimes feel embarrassed to want to enjoy doing them.

But 40 hours spent inspired and motivated is a better way to pass a lifetime that in the doldrums of despair. If you’re looking to get back to loving your job or maybe even to motivate those you work with then Make Work Better digests the latest research to give you simple pointers.

Make Work Better is from me, Bruce Daisley, respected workplace culture writer. I’m looking for the answers of how to make work more rewarding.

You’ll find lots more at my website.

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Bruce is an influential voice on fixing work published in the Washington Post, HBR, Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.